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The 14th Quilt Nihon Exhibition Entry
The 12th Quilt Nihon Exhibition
Entry term
July 3rd — 28st, 2017

No restrictions.

Entry Categories
Category A : Traditional
(Inspired and based on traditional ideas.)
Category B : Contemporary
(Demonstrate originality and independent ideas.)

Entry (by online entry)
The entry form coming soon.


Grand PrizeGiven to 1 work selected from 2 works which won the Encouragement Prize awarded by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.Total Monetary Award of 1,000,000 yen.
Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Encouragement AwardGiven to 1 work from Category A, 1 work from Category B.Monetary Award of 500,000 yen.
Gold AwardGiven to 1 work from Category A, 1 work from Category B.Monetary Award of 300,000 yen.
Governor of Tokyo AwardGiven to 1 work out of the entries from Category A.Monetary Award of 250,000 yen.
Seto Award
(given by the founder of Japan Handicraft Instructors’ Association)
Given to 1 work selected from Category B. The recipient from overseas will be invited to Tokyo for a week and give a workshop & lecture or, monetary award.Invitation to Japan or Monetary Award of 250,000 yen.
JHIA Encouragement Award*Given to 1 work selected from the works created by quilters born after 1982.Monetary Award of 200,000 yen.
Silver Award2 works from Category A, 2 works from Category B.Monetary Award of 100,000 yen.
Bronze Award5 works from Category A, 5 works from Category B.Monetary Award of 30,000 yen.
Jurors' Encouragement AwardSelected from both Category A and B by each juror to encourage one’s future creative activity.Commemorative items.
Publisher’s Award Quilt Japan Award, otherGiven to 1 work from Category A, 1 work from Category B per publisher.Each awarded work will appear on awarding publisher’s print media.Free subscription for 2 years.
Corporate AwardNIHON VOUGE CO., LTD. Award, etc.
Offered by the corporations that support this exhibition.
1 work from both Category A and B.
Commemorative items.
Honorable MentionApproximately 30 works will be selected from both Category A and B entries.Testimonial
*JHIA Encouragement Award
This award is to encourage young quilters. The recipient will be chosen from the winners under the age of 35(born after January1, 1982). There will be a case when no one is eligible of this award.

  • A catalogue will be published. The organizer shall retain the right to publish any works entered into the contest.
  • The award winning works will be held until the end of September 2019.
  • The organizer may cancel any prizes and awards that violate the entry rules.
  • The organizer will insure the entered works, and take utmost precautions in the handing and maintenance of the works, but cannot be held responsible for damage due to inherent properties of materials used, construction defects, natural disasters, or other factors beyond its control.

  • Regulations

    Entry Rules
  • Size of the work must not be smaller than 120cm (47 1/4in.) and must not exceed 230cm (90 1/2in.) both in the width and length (maximum 230×230cm, minimum 120×120cm).
  • Work must consist of a top, the batting, the backing and these three layers must be held together by hand - or machine quilting or other methods.
  • Work must be completed after July 27, 2015 and must be original. Any works that have appeared in any copyrighted publications (such as magazines, books or newspapers), any contests, any competitions, and exhibitions (excluding private exhibitions), and/or any internet sites other than quilters' own site are not eligible.
  • Quilts must be constructed and quilted by the person named on the entry form.
  • Entries are limited to two per person.
  • Framed work is not acceptable.

  • Jurors and Exhibition

    Jurors : Yoko Okamoto (quilt artist; vice-chairman of Japan Handicraft Instructors' Association), Suzuko Koseki (quilt artist), Reiko Sudo (Textile Designer)

    Award Winning Quilts Exhibition
    The Award Winning Quilts Exhibition will tour Japan and overseas.
    The detailed information and the entry form coming soon.


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